St. Louis artist Laura Genovese

About the Artist

Laura Francis Genovese is a contemporary artist specializing in fine art. Her work consists of bright, bold paintings and drawings with a dynamic style. Genovese currently lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri. As an artist her mission is create pieces that exude positive energy and movement. Each piece makes an individual statement while being versatile enough to compliment any style of design.


St. Louis Expressionist Artist

Energy is everything to me. It infiltrates everything we do in life, every decision we make, every emotion we feel. My mission as an artist is to create pieces with a dynamic style that exude a strong sense of that energy as well as movement. If a piece of art has these characteristics, you can fully engage with the artist and the piece of work itself. My energy can be felt from the way the lines of my art flow. I am inspired by the shapes and patterns found organically in nature as well as in the human body. I notice these things before, continue seeing them on a deeper level during, and feel their impact after my process to create a strong, dynamic composition.


As each of us walks through life, our journeys are all very different. Everyone has struggles they must work through – some outwardly obvious while others harbor their battles in the dark corners of their heart. Art has an amazing way of creating parallels and images unique to each person that they can relate to on some level


I’m inspired by nature and the human body because they are ever-changing. In nature, the temperature changes, the cycles of the sun and moon adjust, and the colors of the foliage transform. In the human figure, tiny humans turn into grown people who seem to age back to tiny humans as they near end of life. Our skin goes from looking like a perfect piece of porcelain to showing strategically developed wrinkles that represents every stress, challenge, smile, laugh and emotion that was a part of our journey. Art is also ever-changing which makes it timeless. My ultimate hope is that my creations acknowledge your journey, validate your feelings, and provide inspiration on your journey.